lipomatic - painless liposuction

Lipomatic – Painless Liposuction

Lipomatic (as known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction), is an FDA approved device and is a proven, reliable system which safely and effectively allows for precise, high volume fat removal in all body areas.‎ In Lipomatic, the fat cells are first broke down (or emulsified by vibratory movements of the cannula and then fat emulsion is gently aspirated for accurate body sculpting.‎ Lipomatic eliminates the safety problem in traditional liposuction and moreover, its active security system protects body tissue (nerves, blood vessels, muscles) from liposuction process.‎ With 600 vibrations per minute, Lipomatic effectively aspirates unwanted fat and creates optimal results including smoother skin, less bumps, and less bruising.‎

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