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Differences between Lipomatic & Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction

Generally speaking, ultrasonic liposuction is an obsolete surgery technique with outdated machine and old-fashioned operation approach, and leads to unsatisfying results.‎
Ultrasonic assisted liposuction requires the use of large volume tumescent fluid with either a metal probe or paddle to deliver ultrasonic energy and heat to break up the fat.‎ Imagining the fat as a solid fat meat (which is how fat looks like in your body) and ultrasonic waves are transmitted to shock the fat into emulsion.‎ Your body sustains a lot of pressure more than it can take.‎ Moreover, the ultrasonic energy not only breaks the fat but also injures the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels.‎ This brutal fat-breaking process results in the unbearably pain, sever swelling, and slow recovery after ultrasonic liposuction.‎

Opposite to ultrasonic liposuction, IPS Lipomatic liposuction is much gentler.‎ With the help of compressed air-assisted machine, Lipomatic cannula can rotate in 360 degrees automatically to emulsify the fact and aspirate it at the same time.‎ The built-in Active Security System enables the cannula to stop when non fatty tissues are met.‎ In other words, Lipomatic protects the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels while it effectively removes the fat.‎ Lipomatic frees plastic surgeons from tiring work and helps them to focus on precise body sculpture in shorter operative time.‎ Gentle liposuction process also greatly reduces post-surgical trauma, edemas, bruises, and recovery time for patients.‎ Lipomatic creates more satisfying surgery results with less pain and downtime